Stats box not printing

I used

to supress the stats box on the last histogram printed in a file. I noticed all the histograms had the stats box turned off them.

Then I commented out the above line and the stats box is still not printed on any histogram.
If I do

then the stats are printed for that histogram. But I have many, so would like to avoid adding all the code.

I restarted my root session and the stats box is still supressed. I even restarted a shell and root with the same effect. It seems something global was set by my calling

anal1_pic1.C (5.83 KB)

Can you try gROOT->ForceStyle(); to make sure the new style is applied on the histograms ?

Hi, thanks, I’m using this and I also find running my print gererating file *.C twice cures most problems. Thanks for the help!