StatFormat does not modify the integral value

Hello, on the plot I attached, I am not able to see the exact number of the integral. Basically, I tried to modify the Stat Format of the TPaveStats object writing “8.8g” instead of “6.4g”. In principle, all the digits of the integral should be displayed but it is not modified while it is for other quantities (meanX, meanY, …). Am I doing something wrong?

2D_pavestat.C (447 KB)

I do no see any SetStatFormat in your macro.

It is not saved; I do not know why. Yet, if you run it and change StatFormat manually (ptstats->SetStatFormat(“8.8g”) for example), you will get the picture shown on the first post; all numbers are modified except the integral.

I see… in case of 2D histo the format is not taken into account for Integral.

If I modify THistPainter to take the format into account I get the attached picture.

This is the value that is given by “HPGe_PIPS->Integral()”. It looks good.

This fix is now pushed in 6.04

Thanks, could you also apply the fix on the 5.34 branch?


Thank you :smiley: