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Is there some example how to use prepared statement for select objects from SQLite database?
For insertion I used TSQLStatement + SetString/SetInt functions.
But all examples with “select something” contain “raw” sql command passed as string,

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There is a SQL section in the ROOT tutorials.

the problem is that all those tutorials looks like

TString query="select something from table";
TQSLresult *res = sql->Query(query)
... do stuff...

Whereas I would like to have something line TSQLStatement where I have SetInt SetString methods. I don’t see option like passing statement to database and get TSQLResult.

I suppose you want to set options for SQL? You might want to use TXXXSQLSerevr::Exec. It executes the string on the server and returns;

// attempt to enable UTF-8
if(sql->Exec("set character_set_results='utf8';SET NAMES 'utf8'")) 
    cout << "Setting MySQL to UTF8." << endl;
    cerr << "Setting MySQL to UTF8 failed." << endl;

Edit Please ignore the above comment. I should have read your post better.

Is such case. If an external library is an option, you can use libfmt

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