Splot: picking background


I am using the splot tool to disentangle signal and background in the Jpsi invariant mass distribution. I modified the splot tutorial to suit my requirements.

Please have a look at the distributions from the toyTool

  1. Top left is the jpsi + exp background distribution fitted with the pdf model
  2. Top right is the same distribution with the components after calculating the sweights.
    3)Bottom left is the jpsi mass distribution from the weighted dataset for jpsi yield
    4)Bottom right is the exp background mass distribution from the weighted data set for background yield.

Now as it can be clearly seen some “events” from the background “migrates” into the signal distribution. Is there anything that I am doing wrong.??

Attached you find a minimal code to reproduce the issue
plot.C (10.9 KB)

Hi rotiyan,

Did you find any solution to your problem?