Split the data

The branch contains data on 5000 events: there are 10230 points for each event. How do I make it so that I can work with each event separately?
Now, when calling rootbrowse, a histogram is displayed with the summation of all events.
I can send you the file by email.

_ROOT Version: 6.26/10
_Platform: Ubuntu
_Compiler: pycharm community

Why don’t you use TTree:Draw to select exactly what you want to see?
rootbrowse is a generic tool to quickly browse your data. For a real analysis
of your data, you need to use the real ROOT.

TTree:Draw show all 5000 events on one histogram. I need to work with single events.

Hi @Fredrih ,

Indeed, double-clicking on a branch of a tree in the ROOT browser will only display a histogram of the contents of that branch.

For more complex uses, I suggest you try out RDataFrame, your swiss-army knife for physics analysis in ROOT. You can find many tutorials at → ROOT: Dataframe tutorials, and you can also find examples of usage here in the forum.