Spherical Binned Container?

I am looking to analyse data in a spherical geometry. I’d like something like a 2D histogram container which is spherical, with equal area bins. Most of the posts I see are about plotting…but plotting is a secondary concern here. Doing analyses on the data binned on an equal area grid in the sphere is more important than the plotting. The ability to rebin and get means (centroids) as one can with a normal 2D histogram would be ideal, as well as plotting, and even fitting functions in spherical coordinates.

Does root handle this somewhere?


So you are not interest by the “SPH” plotting option for 2D histograms ?
May be @moneta can give his point of view in that case.

We don’t have anything specific in ROOT for this. If you want to contribute on this as an extension for 2D histogram you are welcomed to do it. Otherwise, from the statistics point of view (not geometrical) if the bins are the same area you can still use a TH2 Histogram or a TH2Poly if they have different areas


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