Spherical and Cylindrical Surface Plots

Hi all,

I know that 2D Lego and Surface plots support the option of Cylindrical and Polar Cooirdinates… howveer I can’t seem to find any documentation on their use. Does anyone know if such information exists? I basically want to know the limitations, which 2 variables are supported out of the 3, etc.

Are there any tutorials on this? I’ve looked in the ROOTSYS/tutorials folder but can’t see anything obviously related to this.


I agree, the only documention we have now is in THistPainter:

   //    "CYL"    : Use Cylindrical coordinates
   //    "POL"    : Use Polar coordinates
   //    "SPH"    : Use Spherical coordinates
   //    "PSR"    : Use PseudoRapidity/Phi coordinates

But it doesn’t tell which variables are mapped on what. I’ll add this information in the help.

I’m looking for the same information. Has this been posted anywhere now and I have just missed it?

It is here:
root.cern.ch/root/html/THistPain … nter:Paint