Specifying the port THttpServer port in REveGeomViewer.Show


I’m doing to some tests with REveGeomViewer, alongside the lines of tutorials/eve7/viewer.C.
I’m having problems when running the process on a remote machine, and I’m trying to understand the problem.

Is there a straightforward way for REveGeomViewer.Show() to avoid invoking the browser and specify the port used by the THttpServer ?

Many thanks,

May be @linev can help you.

Hi Ben,

There is special parameter, which you can place in .rootrc file:

WebEve.DisableShow:   1

Place such .rootrc file in directory where you starts ROOT.

Olivier (@couet), can you help to fix problem with REveManager documentation?
This part of docu does not appears in reference.


Hi Sergey,

Thanks your answer !
I just gave it a try and in my code I do:


and I get:

WebEve.DisableShow:       1                              [User]
Info in <THttpEngine::Create>: Starting HTTP server on port 9374
Showing web window in browser with:
/usr/bin/firefox --private-window 'http://localhost:9374/win1/?key=1048305' &
Running without a11y support!

So the option seems set but firefox is started anyway.

I get the same behaviour when checking with the tutorials/eve7/viewer.C example, adding a gEnv->Print() to confirm that the option is set (I then get:

Davix.UseOldClient:       no                             [Global]
Rint.Canvas.HighLightColor: 5                              [Global]
WebEve.DisableShow:       1                              [User]
Info in <THttpEngine::Create>: Starting HTTP server on port 8902
Showing web window in browser with:
/usr/bin/firefox --private-window 'http://localhost:8902/win1/?key=1048305' &
root [1] Running without a11y support!
Recv BRREQ:{"path":"/","first":0,"number":100,"sort":"","regex":""}
Recv BRREQ:{"path":"/CMSE_1/","first":0,"number":100,"sort":"","regex":""}
Produce geometry JSON 467662
Recv GVREQ:{"oper":"HIGHL","path":"","stack":[4,0,2,132]}
Recv GVREQ:{"oper":"HIGHL","path":"","stack":[]}
Recv GVREQ:{"oper":"HOVER","path":"OFF","stack":[]}

The CMS detector renders properly with this example, whereas in my case, the browser is stuck.

In any case I would like to force it from the code, as I can expect users to all set their .rootrc files.

Many thanks for your help !

P.S. I am running with ROOT 6.20/06, as released in LCG 97a

Hi Ben,

That is return value of:

[root] gEnv->GetValue("WebEve.DisableShow", 0)

You can just call gEnv->SetValue("WebEve.DisableShow", 1)

I just test tutorials/eve7/event_demo.C - it is working as expected.
I using recent ROOT master, but also 6.20 has same code.

Can you provide an example that I can check it?
Also please open web browser console (Ctrl + Shift + I) to see any error messages on browser side.

And may be final remark, answering to original question.
To fix HTTP port, just specify (via rootrc or gEnv->SetValue):

WebGui.HttpPort:   8090


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