Spacing between histograms when using THStack

I have generated a stack of several TH1F’s. Is there is a way to change the spacing between each histogram when it is displayed as a stack->Draw() ? I cannot seem to find this in the docs.

I am not sure what you mean by “Spacing between histogram”, is it visualizing 1D histograms in 3D like several 1D LEGO plots next to each other ?
Can you send a small example (or picture) showing what you speak about ?

I added a picture. As you can see in the pdf, the histograms are spaced relatively evenly (looking at the left hand side between the black and red histograms, red and green histograms, etc.) I am looking to see if it is an option in THStack (how this pic was generated) to change that spacing so they are further apart (or closer together).
cLi6_36124.pdf (43.1 KB)

THStack puts on top of each other the histograms you put in the stack. What you call the “space between them” does not exist … there is no space … they are just on top of each other. That is the definition of a stack… I suggested earlier that you might want a 3D view of the 1d histograms. So apparently it is not that … I am afraid I do not understand what you want.

Then I am very confused at what stacking does.

I have attached a pdf of the stack if I drew it with the option “nostack”

Between the two options of hs->Draw() and hs->Draw(“nostack”) I am then very confused at how stacking works because, in my mind, there is an inherent offset occurring to go between the two.

So, can you point out where my assumptions are wrong and how the transformation between the two options is occuring because its not apparent.
cLi6_36124.pdf (49.6 KB)

See: for details