Sometimes gStyle->SetOptStat(0) dosn't work

I frequently use gStyle->SetOptStat(0) not to display statistics box.
But sometimes it doesn’t work. Do you know the reason?

Could you give more information on the case where it does not work?


The example is attached.
The stat boxes remains in page 1,5 of the resulting ps file.
The histograms were renamed when they were saved in sigc0n0.root.
Even if the names are correct on CINT interpeter, ps file has old name.
sigc0n0_plot.C (517 Bytes)
sigc0n0.root (10.7 KB)

I can reproduce this effect with the follwoing lines:

root [0] TFile f("hsimple.root");
root [1] gStyle->SetOptStat(0);
root [2] hpx->Draw();

But the statistics visible on the plot are not “really there”. They cannot be picked. Just resize the pad or move the histogram and they will disapear.

Start your session with
This will force the current style to be applied to all objects being read from a file.