Some problem about Scientific notation

I just start learn how to use root, and there have some problem about the Scientific notation in output, such like this
however when i read the ROOTPrimer, i find the output in ROOTPrimer is using the Scientific notation.
so i want to know how to make my output the same as ROOTPrimer’s.


I think we simply changed the output format since the ROOT version that was used too generate the graphics in the primer. Maybe we should update that screenshot…

Cheers, Axel

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I have updated the primer. Thanks to have seen it.
To get the full precision do:

cout << TMath::Abs(geom_series - (1-TMath::Power(x,N-1))/(1-x)) <<endl;

That’s what is suggested in the primer now.

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oh, it’s right, thank you very much.

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