Some discrepancy in LaTex example


I am looking into page 16 of
(or 120 in )

Example 3: there is a code listing & a picture. So the issue is this picture does not completely correspond to the provided script. One can see an actual code (there is path to this file). And piece of code that draws the last “LaTex line” that starts from |16 |chi(s)||^2… is missing. And it is quite confusing. I’ll really appreciate if you will add this piece of code located in

Thanks a lot!

I see … I will try to change it… but he code in latex3.C is longer than the one in the manual and therefore it changes all paging… I need to do it carefully to not mess up all the doc. Give me time. Thanks.

You can simply delete the last line in the picture, not in the code.

Done, the code now in the doc is the one from $ROOTSYS.