Some contour not displayed

Dear experts:

I am attaching a macro I wrote using several of the examples posted here, just “root plots2D.C” in a shell.

The issue I am trying to overcome appears at commented line 334. If you uncomment that line (if so comment the following one) then the fill of the contour is no longer displayed. I was hoping that graph to look like the top graph in the “Contours” canvas (that the example provided somewhere in this forum). Something is painted there since the lines in blue belonging to hgraph1 can be seen over the red ones, the contour graphs from another histogram

If we overcome the issue above, is there a way that the fill of the contour of hgraph1 to be semi-transparent so the graph n the background can be seen as well.

thanks in advance,
plot2D-contour-test.tar.gz (144 KB)