Some ambiguity with RooChi2Var implementation?

Hi Wouter,

I recently was working with one of the examples (rf403_weightedevts.C) and had converted it to PyROOT. I was getting differences though between the .C and .py versions when I used the RooMinuit calls. I posted to the PyROOT forum here:

You can read Wim’s response for more clarity than I am able to give, but it appears there is some ambiguity in the choice of constructors within RooFit. I’m not sure what the right fix is, but for now, I’m unable to use PyROOT for this problem.

For my own work, this is not an issue. I don’t need this functionality right now and may not for a few months. But I figured I would push this concern upstream to you for future development. It may be that this is more of an issue for others. Thanks as always.