[solved] Setting statistics style for specific histogram


I create several histograms in a loop, leaving the default statistics style for most histograms (i.e. I do not call gStyle->SetOptStat()).

In an if clause, I check for a specific histogram for which I would like to set a specific style. For this, I have

However, this does not have any effect. Still, the default style is used.

To achieve what I want, I can do

However, I do not understand why the first call does not work, and how to use it correctly.


You can act directly on an individual histogram:


See root.cern.ch/root/html/TH1.html#TH1:SetStats

That’s actually what I did. hMap is a map of TH2F* (I forgot to mention that), so hMap[id]->SetStats() is acting directly on the histogram.

so H->SetStats(1111111);
should work … does it ?

No, it does not. It shows the name, the number of entries, the mean and RMS, but not over-/underflows and the integral. However, it compiles without complaining.

I am sure I am calling it for the right object as SetXTitle() on the same object works fine.

It is a 2-d histogram, but I think this is not important.

sorry I was wrong.

You should do

   TH2D *h = new TH2D("h","h",20,-4,4,20,-4,4);
   TPaveStats *ps = (TPaveStats*)h->GetListOfFunctions()->FindObject("stats");

Thank you, that works fine now (though only integers seems to be allowed as style arguments then; things like “e” don’t work.)

Also, I still do not understand how to use h->SetStats(). But anyway, thanks!

h->SetStats() takes a boolean and switches the statistics box on or off. It’s not to change the styling.