[SOLUTION]: ROOT6 (v6.10.04) installed via Homebrew on MacOS can't find fonts, symbols

Dear ROOTers,

I had been having the same issues as presented in an older post, which resulted in (1) terminal outputs as seen below and (2) strange behavior like missing minus signs on my TCanvas.

Error in <TSystem::ExpandFileName>: input: $ROOTSYS/icons/Root6Icon.png, output: $ROOTSYS/icons/Root6Icon.png
Error in <FontCache::SelectSymbolFont>: symbol.ttf file not found

The topic has been closed, so I am posting my solution here as it still seems very relevant and has persisted through a few more patches.


  1. Go into your /usr/local/etc/root directory and open system.rootrc using any text editor
  2. Uncomment line 29 (..Root.TTFontPath: /usr/local/Cellar/root/6.10.04/share/root/fonts)
  3. Uncomment line 233 (Unix.*.Gui.IconPath: .:$(HOME)/icons:/usr/local/Cellar/root/6.10.04/sha

I hope someone working on the next iteration of this homebrew formula will incorporate these changes soon so we can all stop pulling our hair out.


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