Smoothen a histogram


Could somebody please tell me how to smoothen the attached 2D histogram where the visible lines (inside the red ellipse) would not be there in that way…

[Will the rebinning help?]



Maybe you can try SetNumberContours, but the difference in values seems to big and your plot will probably lose a lot of detail. If you know that those are for instance “badly collected” data, you might want to filter them out before filling the histogram.

Hi @dastudillo

Thanks for your reply. I guess there are less events inside the ellipse. It would be better if it can be smoothen without losing the detail. Rebinning is helping but at the cost of resolution.

As @dastudillo suggested. it looks like your data are like that and there not much we can do at drawing time. May be you should consider looking at the way your histogram is filled and why such data show up.

Hi @couet

Ok. I shall check that. Thanks.