Smooth a Graph with Gaussian Function


I am performing some Monte Carlo simulation, where I am simulating a decay spectrum for a specific number of nuclei.
I need to smooth every decay spectrum with a gaussian function and compare it to the experimental spectrum and calculate the variance.
And I need to perform it for all the simulated nuclei.
Every simulated decay spectrum is saved as a Graph.

Please help, on how to perform this smoothing operation on a Graph. I need to make it automated, where it can automatically generate some mean and then fit it in within those limits.


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ROOT Version: 6.18
Platform: Mac OS Big Sur
Compiler: Not Provided


Is there a way to automatically be able find the mean for the spectrum.

for example in a histogram we can do -

double meanMin, meanMax;
		meanMin = .6 * gIntensity->GetBinCenter(gIntensityP->GetMaximumBin());
		meanMax = 1.4* gIntensity->GetBinCenter(gIntensityP->GetMaximumBin());

		//printf("\nmax: %f\nmin: %f\n",meanMax,meanMin);
		TF1 *constrained_gaus = new TF1("constrained_gaus","gaus");
		constrained_gaus->SetParLimits(1,meanMin, meanMax);

How to do it in a Graph ?

You can get the maximum (for a TGraph gr of size n) with

 Double_t max = TMath::MaxElement(n,gr->GetY());

then you can loop over all the n points of the graph and find the x corresponding to that y (there might be more than one such point, so take care of that), using GetPoint.

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