Slow graphical ROOT interface with MacBook Pro Catalina

Dear rooters,

I have a new MacBook Pro 16", running Catalina and it has a decent external graphics card.
I installed Xcode, and then ROOT using home-brew and it works without problems.
However, I am experiencing lags in the graphical interface of ROOT. When I maximise a window or edit something inside a canvas, it besoms rather slow. They windows behave as if the RAM is full…
I am not experiencing the same issue with other programs or apps. Just in ROOT.

Did anyone have the same problem?
Thanks in advance
Best regards

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ROOT Version: 6.20/04
Platform: MacBook Pro 16"
Compiler: brew

Even with an empty canvas?

Yes, in fact with an empty canvas also.

Can you monitor the memory usage and CPU on your Mac while using ROOT (I doubt it is the cause of the issue though)

I checked it, and it looks normal. The CPU is ranging between 0 and 5 % depending on what I do. The RAM usage is around 130 MB when I have TBrowser open but with an empty canvas.

Then it’s hard to tell what could be the issue… Let’s see if someone with a Mac ever had this issue. @couet, @Axel any idea what could be the issue or what to check on Mac?

I opened a TBrowser with an empty canvas on my macbook and I do not see any particular problem regarding speed when maximising the TBrowser window. I am using ROOT master version on Catalina 10.15.5 with a late 2013 MacBook pro, with 8GB of RAM.

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