Skeleton code request for oscilloscope GUI


I am building an oscilloscope GUI and am wondering if anyone has done this before–I imagine it is a common project for GUI builders even though I haven’t found anything in My Root App.

The oscilloscope displays TH1Ds on the screen and the user has the ability to change the x axis scaling (time/division) and y axis scaling (volts/division) and also has the ability to display/hide multiple TH1Ds on the same Canvas (each TH1D being a separate channel). The user would also have the ability to manipulate the various TH1Ds such as doing a DCOffset or a running average.

Seeing a finished product will help with decisions I need to make on to make a user-friendly oscilloscope display. If anyone has done something similar, I would greatly appreciate seeing your finished GUI.

Thank you.


I worked on something similar before; my signals are digitized waveforms, with the sampling parameters controlled by the electronics, so I did not implement the possibility to change the scales. As for the superposition of different channels, it is something that I haven’t thought about… now I’m plotting only one channel at the time on the same canvas, with a TGComboBox channel selector - but the superposition may be a good idea, thank you.

I’m curious… what is your signal source?

See here: Oscilloscope class for binary waveforms 16-bit