Size of eps file

Hi Rooters,

Is there any way to decrease the size of the eps file to be written by ROOT (by c1->SaveAs(“test.eps”)) without decreasing the number of events?


The total “.eps” file size depends on what you actually draw and how you do this (so maybe you would need to show a piece of your code here).
If you draw histograms, create them with fewer bins (or rebin them before drawing).
If you draw TTree / TNtuple related “scatter-plots”, search for “Saving the result of Draw to an histogram” in and/or see (i.e. draw a histogram instead of a TGraph / TPolyMarker3D based “scatter-plot”).
If you draw TF[123] functions, use “TF[123]::SetNp[xyz](Int_t np)” methods to lower the number of points used to draw the function.

You can try to use more compressed picture formats like pdf or png