Singularity container for running ROOT

I am trying unsuccessfully to build the minimal singularity recipe to create an image where I could run my Root-based code to generate graphs interactively (or not!)
Is there any minimal recipe already available? I have tried to do it by myself but I fail to install all the needed rpms and environments.

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May be @amadio can help you with this.

Hi, it depends on what exactly you want to do, but we have some of our Dockerfiles in Please let us know if that is useful for you, or if you need another kind of recipe. We have Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7 recipes there.

Actually I am quite new at singularity so sorry if my question is not asked properly. So why I try to do:
I have a long python program with which I can create graphs and outputs, using ROOT.
I would like now to run it in a singularity container because I had bad experience in local setups that would make my code break.
I am running outside CERN so I would like to use your recipe and translate it to CC-IN2P3.
Do you think it would be enough to pick your set of packages and build an image with it?

Yes, if you pick the set of packages we list in the recipes, you can build an image. However, I never used singularity, so I’m not sure how to build images for it. If it can run with docker images (rkt can, as far as I can tell), then you could still just pick one of our pre-built images.

This is actually what I did (I copied the “packages” file and I plugged it in singularity) and it seems to work so far as I have no more unsatisfied! An it fits in the same way in singularity as in docker.
Thx for you fast help!

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