Simple Histogram Cosmetic Question

I am wondering how to create a histogram that displays markers (or data points) instead of bins. Is there an easy way I can do this?

Did you try to draw with e.g. the “P” option? You can change the marker style with TH1::SetMarkerStyle or in the right-click menu. Also read

Perfect! I didn’t see that in the user guide.
Thanks a bunch.

I wanted to insert the vertical line for uncertainty in my histogram points,
How can I do that?

Thank You in advance.

Hi Roy,

try the “PE” option.

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Hi yus,
I tried using PE but it didn’t gave the expected result,
I am looking to add binomial uncertainty to my plot but I tried using different control but didn’t worked.

Thank You.

Maybe @couet can help you with this.


I would suggest you simply draw a TLine ?