Shading in eps files

I am trying to save a plot as an eps file. I have several histograms superimposed (but not stacked), drawn using a THStack.

I create the plot in a python script and I have tried saving it as a .png, a .eps, a .ps and a .C file.

The .png file looks as expected (it looks like the canvas did on screen). The .C file does not re-size the X axis properly (I guess this is a bug in the version I am using which may or may not be fixed in a new version). I can easily edit the .C file it to fix this.

The .eps and .ps files are missing the histogram shading, both on the histograms and legend. If I open the .C file in root, the shading is there. If I save the canvas from the .C file as a .ps or .eps then the shading is missing again.

Does anyone know how I can get an eps file with shading?

The version of root I am using is 5.41/00f. The (edited) .C file I would like to produce the .eps from is at


See the warning at the end of:

Are you sure, that the shading is not there? At least some versions of “gv”/“ghostview” have the nasty feature to remove the “shading lines” of ROOT, if “antialiasing” is switched on (press ‘A’ to toggle in gv). If this is your problem, the printout should look correctly.

Hi Joe, the web page I was pointing to says exactly what you are saying here :slight_smile:

That was the problem. Thanks for the help.