Several pads, 2 axes

Hello rooters,

first of all, that’s a nice forum !

I would like to do a figure with several pads “glued together” and
having common axes :

| pad1 pad2
| pad3 pad4
-------------------> X

I guess it’s a pretty common question, but I couldn’t find out…
thanks !


Hi Colin,

see tutorial zones.C


thanks for your answer, Rene. This is what I need. But my figure is supposed to be published, so it must be polished. There are still 2 problems :

  • labels that do not appear on the canvas do appear on the postscript :
    /afs/ was created with zones.C

  • for contiguous pads, labels overlap at the border, which can be seen on the canvas after executing zones.C . Is there any option specifying TGaxis not to paint the last label ? this would solve the problem.

root 3.05/07

Hi Colin,

This problem (labels not visible on the screen but visible on the PS file) has been fixed 2 days ago. It is now in CVS. A work around with the ROOT version you have, is to specify a very small label size.

There no nay to not paint the last label with TGaxis. May be playing with the number of divisions or/and with the axis limits can solve the problem. For instance, instead of finishing your axis at 1. exacty you can try to finish it at 0.9999… just a guess …