Setting Y axis Range in Histogram

I am trying to set Y-axis range limit as my histogram is not fully shown in the canvas. Here is my code. Please let me know how to set the y axis range correctly. Thank you.

        TFile *f = new TFile("data.root", "RECREATE");
        ifstream input;"nrhf-data.txt");

        TH1D* h = new TH1D("Flux_hist", "#nu_{mu} : Energy vs. Flux; Energy (GeV); Flux", 5, 0, 6);
        unsigned int i;
        float x;        // energy
        float y;        // flux

        while( !input.eof() )
                input >> x >> y;
                cout << x << ", " << y << endl;
                i = h->FindBin(x);
                h->SetBinContent(i, y);

See the last example here: How to set ranges on axis?