Setting Exponent on Histogram Axis

Good day.

I wish to plot 6 different measurements sets in six different histograms with all axis set to the same unit scale, but not the same range. I am plotting from a TTree and the standard Draw() method works well except some of the x-axises have a -6 exponent, and others have a -3 exponent.

I would rather all had a -6 exponent so that the first graph could run from 20-25e-6, the next from 50-75e-6 the third from 100-120e-6 so on, not the third one being 0.1-0.12e-3 for example.

Does anyone know of a way to set the exponent on an axis?

Thank you.

it is mostly automatic. You can act on it using:

TGaxis::SetMaxDigits(n); // choose n as you wish

TGaxis::SetMaxDigits(n); was not able to help in this case.

I ended up getting a solution by multiplying my values by 1000000 so they now run from 20 to 250 and changing the axis label from fC to fCx10^{-6} and that seems to work. Need to do some manual adjustment is the ranges change to much in the future but this seems to work. Taxis->SetNoExpononent(kTrue) will possibly get some use in suppressing automatic exponents.