SetShowProjection with colz

Dear ROOT’ers
In TBrowser is option of set “fixed” drawing option. Is there similar way to set this option for projections? For example I would like to use SetShowProjection of TH3 with colz, however each time when I move projection I have to change drawing option.

_ROOT Version: 6.04
Platform: Not Provided
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You could maybe use the Draw Option text box on top of the directory tree in the TBrowser - does that do what you’ve been looking for?

My problem is that this option doesn’t work for projections - only for histograms from root file.

The drawing option for the projection of a TH3 is something very specific. Not general enough to be on the general purpose browser. Just add the “col” option next to the string specifying projection plane: h3->SetShowProjection("xy col");
If you do not want to type it each time you do a projection you can put that line in a macro.

@bellenot I’m not sure I understand why the Drawing Option string field cannot be taken into account for this?

@Axel it’s completely unrelated…

O I see, because the projection is actually generated by the context menu on the canvas. Yeah that’s bad - in principle the projection drawing option should be persistent. @couet is that something to consider?

Yes every thing can be considered. I am sure sure how for the time being but we can look. Note that there is not specific drawing option for SetShowProjection() it is combined in the projection option.

Thank you, xy +colz works

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