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I am plotting 2 graphs combined in a multigraph but the coordinate system needs to be bigger than the two graphs, since I am drawing a couple of markers too. But the range of the x- and y-axis is stubborn and wont accept any changes, so is there a trick? Thx very much

original.c (10.7 KB)
20000_stats.txt (42 Bytes)
Fil_ExtraHigh.txt (78 Bytes)
Fil_High.txt (80 Bytes)
Fil_Low.txt (80 Bytes)
Fil_Medium .txt (80 Bytes)
Coil_ExtraHigh.txt (78 Bytes)
Coil_High.txt (66 Bytes)
Coil_Medium.txt (58 Bytes)
Fil_Medium-.txt (81 Bytes)
Fil_ExtraLow.txt (79 Bytes)
Coil_Low.txt (78 Bytes)

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auto g = new TMultiGraph();


g->SetTitle("Optimization with 20 000 Samples");

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Perfekt :slight_smile: This did exactly what I wanted. But I forgot to ask another thing. The Title of my X-axis is sadly not visible. It seems that the canvas ends there, so how can I enlarge it?


TCanvas* c = new TCanvas("c","c",1000,700);
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