SetMaximum in colz mode leaves pixels in last color

Hi Rooters,
according to the old topic … imum+white
SetMinimum leaves the pixels outside the allowed range to white.
But what about the SetMaximum? It leaves my “colz” plot of a TH2 in the last colors for all pixels higher then the maximum, is that a bug or a feature? (using CVS-head on Kubuntu)
Attached 3 pngs showing before, afterSetMinimum (leaving the border with low entries white as wished), afterSetMaximum (making all pixels outside the range red, these I also would like to have white, so that I only can see the bins inside my allowed range).
Any ideas?

Well … the post you are refering to doesn’t say exactly that. It says “empty bins are not drawn with otion col” … and gives the reason why.
Can you send me a small running example showing what you are complaining about ? (you can use the histogram hpxpy generated $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hsimple.C).

Here it is.
As you can see, the SetMinimum nicely leaves the not-shown bins on the outside at the background color, but the innermost highest-entry bins at black, whereas I would expect to see a ring with the “out-ranged” bins at the background color as well.
myhsimple.C (2.42 KB)

As I said it is not the “out-ranged” bins which are not plotted, it is the empty bins. When you define a maximum you simply set a plateau but the bins are not empty. Moreover how could you know which bins have been changed and which bins already had the maximum value ? To achieve what you want, the best is to define the highest color in the palette equal to the background color.