SetBinLabel Major Tick Mark

Would it be possible to add an option to the TAxis::SetBinLabel function that allows you to make the tick associated to this bin a Major tick mark.

Something like:
void TAxis::SetBinLabel( int bin, char* label, bool setMajor = false);

Because at the moment if you use custom labels, all tick marks are set to minor size.

The use case is when you want to relabel the axis with values like:

char label[10] = {“0”,"",“2”,"",“4”,"",“6”,"",“8”,""};

Then you could set the even number labels to have major tick marks. This would then make it easier for the reader to tell for which bin the label is meant to label in the case that there are many small bins.

With the bin labels there is only one level of tick marks. Usually bins labels are used to display alphanumeric labels like “John Peter Alan”. Therefore it makes no sense to have intermediate tick marks for instance between “John” and “Peter” (1.5*John as no meaning).

Yes, I understand that, which is why I suggested making the default, false (plus it means the code is backwards compatible).

However, In my use can we are using bins of the same size, but a non-uniform scale to label the bins so we must use custom labels and it would be nice to have major tick marks, but I can only make suggestions for improvement. So if you are not interested in implementing the suggestion, then there is nothing more to discuss.

Thanks anyway.

I do not think it is something easy to implement. It will require time. We do not have the manpower to do it right now. But if you do the implementation yourself we will surely consider to introduce it in ROOT.