Set Tics and Labels outside Plot

Dear Rooters,

is there a way to set the Tics and the Lables of a plot outside the Plot as :
test.eps (19.9 KB)

I use

 chopt ="-": tick mark are drawn on the negative side. 

but then the labels are inside the plot.

A negative tick length does it:


Hmm, this feels like a workaround because then the Ticks interfere with the labels. Which means I have to change the label offset by hand.

In the TGaxis calss reference it says

[quote]Labels’ positionning

Labels are normally drawn on side opposite to tick marks. However the option “=” allows to draw them on the same side.[/quote]

I use h2-> GetXaxis()-> SetTicks("-"); h2-> GetXaxis()-> LabelsOption("=");

However, Labels are still inside the histogram.

It is not a workaround. Labels position is independent form the tick marks size. You should change it also.