Set max digits problem

Hi, i’ve a problem using the set max digits in the macro in the attachment…when i run it, as you can see the “x10^3” of y axis is so far by the axis…why?

profilospaziale.c (2.31 KB)

Looking at it …

Thanks cuet…I don’t know the reason…on x axis and z axis I don’t have problems…just on y-axis. I hope you can find the solution! I’m writing the thesis…!

This is bizarre… I have no answer and no work around right now…

Just as a reminder here is the minimal macro reproducing the problem :

void profilospaziale()
   TFile *f = TFile::Open("cors_plot-prottot.root");
   TH3F *hgamrxryrz = (TH3F *)f->Get("hgamrxryrz");

Hi couet…and other bizarre thing is that on th2f I don’t have problems …i’ve this problem just on th3f…

Yes … as I told I have no answer. That’s a bug iI need to track …

thanks…well…if it will be not possible to resolve…i think i will use photoshop to move the “x10^3”

No, it is the same with th2…

root [1] TH2D *h = new TH2D("h","h",10,0,10000,10,0,10000);
root [2] h->Draw("lego") ;
root [3] TGaxis::SetMaxDigits(3);
root [4] gPad->SetBottomMargin(0.3);

but for example in this plot I don’t have this problem

yes Only the 3D plots are affected… Like LEGO option for 2D histos

Ah ok! Well I hope you will fix it in next version!

Fixed 6.08. Should I put it also in 5.34 ?

I use Windows OS…and there isn’t ROOT for windows…so if you can fix ROOT 5.34 for Windows…of course it will be welcome!


must I download the debug package … .debug.exe ?

I think you need to install it form the source … head of 5.34 patches

Thanks…I will see (now I’m a bit busy)