Set line scale for TeX output

I find the possibility to output canvases as TeX/Tikz file very nice. However, I would like to set a global line scale to fine-tune the plot appearance. The usual line width settings only allow integer widths with 1 being too narrow and 2 too heavy for my taste. For PDF output I use TStyle::SetLineScalePS() which takes a float and therefore allows fine-tuning of the overall PDF line width.

So far so good. In ROOT v5.34.26 I found TTeXDump to also contain a SetLineScale function. However, as I never have direct contact with TTeXDump when I do canvas.Print("plot.tex") I do not know whether (and how) I can achieve a similar behaviour here.

Is there a way?

I will check

Are there any news on this? After some thought, wouldn’t it be feasible to simply utilise the value set in

TStyle::SetLineScalePS() for any TeX output as well? I.e. scale all line widths based on the value set there w.r.t. the default line width?

Not yet I am on something else…
May be submit a Jira ticket

[quote=“couet”]Not yet I am on something else…
May be submit a Jira ticket[/quote]

Okay, no problem. Jira report here (for reference):

I saw. Thanks