Semicolon in title

Dear Rootsketeers,

I want to use semicolons in my histogram titles - eg.

h->SetTitle(“Title (cut1; cut2; cut3)”);

but of course each semicolon takes you to the next axis title. Is there a hotkey to disable the usual function of the semicolon? (ie. in the same way you would put ‘\’ to get a ‘’ in latex.)


There is no way to escape the ‘;’ in the title string. Can’t you use ‘,’ instead ?

One could implement a escape mechanism. Do you have a proposal, eg


In fact if you look at:

we already have ‘#/’ for ‘/’ . To be consistent we can do '#;"

I would use ‘,’ except that I often want to write eg.

NJets >= 4; pT(j) > 100,100,50,50GeV; ETmiss > 100GeV

I appreciate this is a bit picky, but I am writing my thesis and want to get it right.

; would be my preferred escape - it matches the latex and c++ form. (This was what I tried as a guess.)

Thanks for the replies,

\ is Latex but # is TLatex.

is what we instead of \ in ROOT.

For instance the \eq characater in Latex is #eq in TLatex/ROOT.

I am looking at it right now. That’s not completly trivial to implement.

Yes, sorry - I didn’t see your previous post before made my second one. ‘#;’ or ‘#sc’ would do nicely.

This isn’t urgent, but if you could implement it at some point that would be great!

This is now implement in the CVS head. Thanks to have reported it.

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Thank you!