Selecting Muons to Calculate the Invariant Mass of the Z Boson


I was wondering if anyone can help answer Questions Q1, Q2, and Q4 shown in the slides of this powerpoint presentation:

It seems simple enough but I am actually not quite sure.

I would really appreciate if someone can come up with an explanation/answer to those questions.

Also, this is a question to help me further learn; it is not from a homework assignment or exam.
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It looks like some exercises related to this tutorial.
Surely the answers to theses questions should be easy to find for someone who followed the related lesson(s).

I cannot find the specific tutorial that you are referring to?
Is it possible that I can just get help with the questions I asked.
As a beginner, I have seen different tutorials, but this is the first time I see it being done in this manner; and that is why I am asking those specific questions.

I have not read in details this PPT presentation but it seems to be a tutorial, and the answer to this questions are very likely somewhere in that presentation.
Moreover this presentation has authors:

African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications, Kigali, Rwanda
Nikolina Ilic Stanford University
with material from Heather Gray

May be it is better to ask them directly ?

Answering these questions is the homework for pupils taking this tutorial. :wink:

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Yes, I have tried to contact the author, but I have not gotten a response.
There are no answers in the powerpoint tutorial.

Unfortunately, I am not actually taking this tutorial as a student, so I do not have an instructor who I can contact to get help and advise. I found this tutorial as I was looking for related material to learn from. That is why I came here in the Newbie section to see if someone with more experience can help and answer the questions.

May be use some other tutorials for instance from the ROOT Courses web site.