Segmentation Error in 4-Dimenstional Histograms

_ROOT Version: ROOT/v6-10-08-1
_Platform:Ubuntu 18.04
_Compiler: GCC


I am filling nine 4-dim histograms and there is seg fault in the alien grid in test mode.
the memory stats are :::

              total     --   used   --     free   --   shared -- buff/cache  -- available
Mem:        7909412   -  1407236  -   4394212  -    295700   -  2107964  -   5929716
Swap:       2097148   -   860968   -  1236180

Ending with -
======== ERROR : myAnalysis.C finished with NON zero code: 11 ========

* ########## Job not validated - Segment. violation  ###
 *** Break *** segmentation violation
Error = 1
* ----------------------------------------------------*

But when I go for just SIX 4-Dim histograms it works well.


It looks like some memory overwriting. Do you have a small example reproducing the problem ?
May be @moneta has an idea about it.

Hi Olivier!
I am writing my histograms to a TFolder in my analysis task.
But It crashes.
I used the delete command but not working. (2.9 KB)

Thanks. How should I use these files to reproduce the problem ?

You should have Alice environment access.

That makes it complex to test. The fact it works for 6 and crashes for 9 histograms points to some array going out of bounds or memory overwriting. May be look in that direction… “Segment. violation” is really about that: illegal memory access…

Yes! this could be the case I think.
I will check.

Thanks for reply!

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