Seeking one HTML or PDF file for new online documentation

Dear All,

The ROOT Users Guide, which was available either as one monolithic HTML file ( ROOTUsersGuide ) or pdf file ( ), is not maintained any longer.

Instead, there is new documentation at: ROOT Manual - ROOT

Please, can you point me to the link from which I could fetch the HTML or pdf version of the new documentation, I couldn’t find it easily? I could only find that for “Topical Manuals” at Topical Manuals - ROOT

Thanks a lot for your time and support!


Maybe @couet can give more details, but you can download the whole html Reference Guide in the download directory (e.g. html626.tar.gz), but not the documentation AFAIK

Take a look at the QCH file provided here: All Reference Guides - ROOT It contains the whole HTML documentation in one file. (The reference guide, not the manual though)

You can then open it “offline” with qt-assistant and you can search on it, etc.

See also Coding in ROOT with the horsepower of an F1 - ROOT

If you need to download the manual, then I guess you would need something like:

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The Manual is HTML only. It is written in markdown/jekyll etc … there are some interactive plots in it also. I am not aware of some automatic tool able to translate such documents into pdf. If we find one easy to use we can consider producing a pdf version of the manual.

Thanks a lot for all 3 replies - I will have a look at the material you have pointed out!

It would be really great if eventually a pdf version is available as well!



Another option:

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