Searching this Forum

Hi all.

Too often I perform a search that ignores a word because the forum Search settings are configured to ignore “common” words. For example, If I want to search for “Draw”, it doesn’t let me! there are a few other words that I regularly can’t search for and its quite annoying. Can the admins of this forum change the settings to turn off common words? Or perhaps at least lower the common word % threshold?

thanks so much.

Fons will reply (I am not the admin).

I have juste one comment, if you search something as vague as “Draw” you will very likely get 80% of the posts in this forum and that will not be very useful.


Well, if I also search for TTree, it ignores that word as well. There are certainly other words that are annoyingly ignored as well, that I can’t think of off the top.


Yes, I agree with you, it is surely a bit too restrictive.

even “TTree Draw” is rejected

“TTree Drawing” is fine

Fons will tell you his point of view.


This looks like it now work properly.