Screen starts to go black after starting ROOT

ROOT Version: 6.16.00
Platform: Kubuntu VM
Compiler: gcc

I’ve just built ROOT on my VM, when I try to open it with “root”, the following occurs…

…then other parts of the screen go black as I move my mouse over it, forcing me to restart my VM. Any ideas what’s going on?

It is hard to tell, what happens if you start ROOT with root -b, do you even see the prompt appearing?

Starting with “root -b” works as expected, from there I can then manually turn batch mode off and make plots and open the TBrowser (I have not yet tried making plots and opening TBrowser without turning batch mode off).

So the problem seems to be related with the splash screen?

Good to hear that you can workaround it by activating the graphics later.

root -l

will start root without splash screen. It might be easy than turning off and on the graphics .

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