Scanning all values of specified variables in a tree at once

how can I scan all values of a specified variable of a tree in interactive root mode? For example, Events->Scan(“run:luminosityBlock:event”)
I have 2233395 events in my dataset.
I want to scan all values that correspond to run, luminosityBlock and event

Seems that you already ansered your own question. Or what is the problem with Events->Scan("run:luminosityBlock:event") ?

Dear dastudillo, I want to have all the entries scanned. It gives me the optionsimage
look at the end CR to continue , q for quit. these are headache. I have to type CR thousands of times since I need all the entries. I want to have all the entries on the screen at once



before the Events->Scan().

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Dear dastudillo, Thankyou so much. It really worked. God bless you

Dear dastudillo, If I want to save these entries in a text file, then…???

root [0] .> out.txt
root [1] Events->SetScanField(0);
root [2] .>

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