Saving to .ascii/.txt file


If someone could tell me how could I save canvas as a .txt file that is readable in Origin?
I attached canvas that should be saved as .ascii/.txt file.

Thank you very much for the help.
c1.root (17.8 KB)

You can open the canvas and save it as a C macro.

Yes, but it is not still readable by Origin.

I do not know what that means …

I would like to be able to use and analyze these data with OriginPro.

ROOT does not have any output format for this software.
I guess you can write you own C++ ROOT macro producing a file this software will accept.

Unfortunately, I am not good in programing, and I am not sure how to write such a macro. Can you help me?
Thank you.

I suppose you are using root under windows…
You can do the following.

Assuming you have a histogram you can print its contents in an ascii file.
So type

Open this file with excel and properly separate the columns (with “=” and space).
Then copy the columns in origin!

Hope it helps.