Saving png logo in ROOT as pdf


I am trying to save a png logo in ROOT overlapped to another graph. In order to do that, I am using the TImage object in the following way:
TImage *logo = TImage::Open(“doc/logo_small.png”);
The solution works well if the final TCanvas is saved as png, but if the final TCanvas is saved as pdf, it produces the following output:
Warning in TASImage::Paint: PDF not implemented yet
and the png logo is not displayed.
I suspect the problem is known. Is there any work around or in progress?

Thanks for the support,

ROOT Version: 6.06.06
Platform: slc6
Compiler: clang

Yes as the message says, saving a TImage in pdf is not implemented .
What is your final goal ?

My final goal is:

  • to include the logo image in the plot that I produce
  • to save the entire logo+plot in a pdf

This works if I save the final result in a png format (I attach a png example to make it more clear), but not for a pdf.


To have some vector graphics output for the non-logo part of your image you can save it as a PostScript file (.ps).

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