Saving many histograms on one .C file


I know the SaveAs() function that allwas to save an histo in a .C file (or other format, of course, but I’m interested now in .C).

I was trying to find a way to save many histos in one same .C file, like adding them to an existing .C file.
Is it possible?

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“Adding histograms to an existing .C file” is surely not something recommended … SaveAs a .C file is meant to store a canvas as C code.

To Store histograms and add more of them in the same file your should use .root files (via TFile).

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yes, I know .root file and I use them. But I was wondering if it were possible to save many histograms in a .C file as well.

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This should not be too complex to implement for a collection of histograms using TH1::SavePrimitive. We will look into it.

For teh time being, simply create a TCanvas where you draw all your histograms, say with option “same” and you canvas.Print(“myfile.C”)


Thanks for the answer Rene, and for the suggestion.

Have a nice day!