Saving Animated gif Appends to Existing?

Hi, I was playing around with making an animated gif, and I noticed that if I didn’t delete the existing .gif file from the previous trial, the new frames would just be appended.

This really confused me because my new axes and drawing options were working, but they were much later in the animation so I just saw the old settings, and I thought it was a problem with the drawing options!

Is this the expected behavior when saving animated gifs using the Print(“name.gif+NN”) method? Is there a way to more intuitively write the file in “write mode” instead of “append mode”? After all, writing to a file without explicitly specifying “append mode” generally kills the original file, at least in unix & linux land.

At the very least, I think there should be a TInfo type message saying that the gif already exists, when the program first tries to write to it.


yes it works that way. I will add a line in the doc about that.