Saving a Canvas into a pdf

I am trying to save a TCanvas into a pdf and I would like to save it in a way that the TCanvas space occupies the interior of a letter page. I can see the image output depends on the actual size of the canvas when I call the command “Save as” using the right-click action on the canvas object. The other issue I was having is that the image is saved in portrait mode and it would look better in landscape mode.

Question 1: What would be the canvas size dimensions so to fit into a letter page?

Question 2: How could I save an image as landscape?

I have tried before creating my canvas but it did not help.
I thought also in saving my canvas as ps format and then using imagemagic to format my image (rotate-image, paper-orientation, paper-size, etc) however I was hoping to reduce the amount of work in creating images and maybe to automatized and optimize the process of saving the image right in root.

It would be great if anybody could comment on this issue or provide any idea or suggestions.


Any canvas will fit in a letter page. It will be rescale to fit.
If you have a landscape canvas then it will be landscape on paper.

Sorry, with the landscape canvas, you mean my canvas dimensions have to be proportional to letter page in landscape mode?

I was fooling around, and I notice that if a redefined the rotate field in my recently generated pdf file from 90 to 0, it works great. However I am not totally sure if this charm behaviour is totally due to the change of this setting or the interaction of the pdf file with my pdf viewer, evince. Evince has some print options that suppose to expand drawing into page for example. This is trivial information but I thought to mention it anyway.

Maybe it might be better to provide a small example showing your problem so I can look at it.

Yes you may get different behaviour depending on the viewer… some have bug…
the reference is either real printing or Acrobat Reader from Adobe (pdf was invented by Adobe).