Save TGraph to rootfile without drawing line connecting points

I hope this is not a duplicate, I found similar questions but not the exact solution I needed.

I’m generating 6 TGraphErrors with drawing option “AP”, i.e. without lines connecting points.
I have drawn a Pad called c4 on the canvas, divided it into 6 pads, and drawn each TGraphErrors in each division.

I want to save the graphs into a root file, because I want to open them later and be able to perform some simple operations on them. But I want them to be saved with option “AP” and not “ALP”… is there a way to save them on the rootfile directly without connecting lines?

I tried 3 different ways:

	TFile* f1 = TFile::Open(rootfile.c_str(),"RECREATE");
	canv4->Write(); //canv4 is the canvas
	c4->Write(); //c4 is a Pad drawn on canvas canv4, divided into 6, in each division there's a graph



canv4->Write() saves the whole canvas, without connecting lines, but I have all graphs on same canvas and I can’t edit them (for example SetLogy doesn’t work, SetRangeUser is not available…)

c4->Write() saves a folder in the rootfile in which there should be the content of each division of the divided pad. But when I click on them in TBrowser to open them I get a “segmentation violation” error on the terminal

g0_g1x->Write(“g1x”) (and similar) saves each single TGraph separately and they’re editabel (my preferred option), but they’re save with the malefic lines…
Same applies to graph saved with f1->GetList()->Add(g0_g3y).

I have read that Write command does not save the drawing options… Is there a way to “add them” to the rootfile?

Thanks a lot,

“ALP” is the default drawing option
if you save a “g” graph in a a file and then later on you attach this file and do g->Draw()
The default option ALP will be used. … you need to do g->Draw(“AP”)