Save as macro produces wrong axis range

I have produced graphs using Python, but I also need to provide .C macros. The graphs I produce have wrong axis ranges after saving them as macros and running them again.

Here is a simple example:

import ROOT

graphs = ROOT.TMultiGraph()
canvas = ROOT.TCanvas("c1", "Graphs", 10,10, 1200,800)

graph = ROOT.TGraph()

graphs.Add(graph, "l")

graphs.GetXaxis().SetLimits(0, 3)


If I run it using python3 -i, I get the first image below, if I then run root test_saveas.C, I get the second image below. The axis ranges in the second case, for the root macro, are wrong. Is this a bug or do I have to do something different?

ROOT Version: 6.16
Platform: Ubuntu 18.04
Compiler: gcc 7.4
Python: 3.6.8

Yes I see that. Looking at it.

Now fixed in master. Thanks to have reported.

Thanks, I tried it and it works for the x axis.

However, if I add graphs.SetMinimum(0) to the Python script, it changes the minimum showed y value when running in Python, but the saved root .C macro ignores it. Is it the same problem with this setting? (same thing with SetMaximum())

Yes I did it for the X axis only … let me extend to the Y one.

Fix added for the Y axis limits.

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