Run HypoTestInverter with AsymptoticCalculator using multiple CPUs

Is there some way to run HypoTestInverter + AsymptoticCalculator limits using multiple CPUs? Perhaps by using the NumCPU option internally or checking different POI values in different threads?

My limit jobs take more than 24 hours to run on Condor, and I’d like to speed these up.

Not at this moment. We could hack this line

and add the NumCPU argument. Do you have a setup where you could test this? If not, I could add it to ROOT’s nightlies, and you could pick it up from cvmfs the following day.

@moneta would this be a useful addition for the calculator?

I can only test that on my laptop (where I build ROOT from source).

I think testing different mus in different threads would also speed things up a lot with the HypoTestInverter.


Yes we could add this in the calculator and add the number of CPU as an option to the class.
It could be an useful addition

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