RooWorkspace.import(): RooFit::Silence() does not work when importing datasets


the Info message of RooWorkspace.import() can usually be suppressed by adding the RooFit::Silence() argument. However, whenever I use that while importing a RooDataSet, I get the error message

[#0] ERROR:InputArguments -- RooWorkspace::import(testws) ERROR: unrecognized command: Silence

This seems like a bug to me.


auto* w = new RooWorkspace("testws", "testws")
var = RooRealVar("t", "t", 0, 10)
ds = RooDataSet("ds", "ds", RooArgSet(var))
w->import(var, RooFit::Silence())  // <--- this works
w->import(ds, RooFit::Silence())   // <-- gives above error

This is a minor thing of course, but still I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


Hi Kilian,

the Silence has never been implemented for importing datasets. I fixed it now, and the fix will be released in ROOT 6.18.

Thanks for letting me know.

@StephanH Thanks a lot!

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